Local areas


Every corner of Sicily is different: from the black, volcanic soil in the north-east, to the harsh interior, the hot springs, the sea shores, either sandy or rocky, constituting an actual continent in the middle of the Mediterranean.

The terrain along the south-western coast of the island is characterized by gently-sloping hill-sides carpeted with vineyards stretching out towards the sea and sweeping areas of olive-groves carving up the land, enclosed by hedges and surrounded by Mediterranean scrub.



This is Menfishire, one of the most important wine-growing areas in Sicily, where agriculture provides the roots for economic development and the local community growth. Apart from wonderful wines, the land here generates excellent olive-oil from diverse varieties, and vegetables such as artichokes, and melons in the winter. This stretch of the Sicilian coast is little known, unspoilt and constitutes  a unique natural environment. Beaches, rivers, hills, vineyards, olive-groves and dazzling sunlight throughout the year; from the dwarf palm to the sea lily, from the heron to the beetle and to the loggerhead sea turtle, this region possesses and protects environmental riches of unimaginable bio-diversity.An extensive hilly area stretches from the Magaggiaro woods down to the sea-shore; this splendid countryside comprises the neat rows of the Mandrarossa vineyards, with their perfect symmetry organized into tiny plots of land. From the highest point, up in the hills at 440 metres above sea-level, you can take in the changing colours with the passing of the seasons: the greenish vines, the silvery olive-trees, the yellow corn-fields, the brown earth after ploughing.



A little further south, we are swept down towards the coast by the Scirocco, the hot wind: the salty sea air, the azure-tinted countryside and mild sea breezes swathe the vineyards as far as the eye can see. The numerous hills that command this region are characterised by variations in slope, exposure and altitude, which, combined with the diverse varieties of soil, generate many diverse micro-climates, each of which is ideal for any specific grape-variety. The hilly terrain consents exposure to the south for the vineyards, meaning greater absorption of sun-light, an element fundamental  to their growth. The environmental conditions at this latitude are ideal for growing grapes. The climate is dry and moistureless, the sunlight is strong, intense, occasionally dazzling; the influence of the sea, the hot winds from the south, sea breezes, the hot springs, are all elements that combine to produce healthy vines and grapes in large quantities.

A region waiting to be discovered all year round. This is a region that will astonish and excite you.


Soils of

There are five different types of soil that change from one inch to another on these hills, creating an incredible tapestry of colors, and each grape variety is grown on the ideal terrain to allow the wine to have a unique and unmistakable profile and excellent quality.

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