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Mons Gebel

Sicily has captivating corners, magnificent glimpses and breathtaking landscapes.

Etna has a unique territory that includes beauty and emotion, in the north-eastern side of the island. After each eruption the landscape changes its appearance, creating depressions, deep canyons and new valleys; from afar, especially when its covered in snow, the majestic outline of the volcano with smoke cloud conveys indescribable emotions. The craters, the ash, the caves and the Bove valley, seem like a contrast with the gardens, vineyards, olive groves and snowbanks of the territories surrounding the volcano, an environmental mosaic of rare beauty.

Mons Gebel
Mons Gybel

Etna Park, the north-eastern slope with the Ragabo pine forest and the Linguaglossa area offer a breathtaking landscape with valleys, forests, volcanic deserts, lava flows, secular trees and rich and diverse flora that captivate the visitor. An appealing destination for those seeking nature, food and wine, sports and landscapes with no equals during every season of the year.

Mons Gybel

Here, since ancient times, the fertility of the volcanic soil has allowed local populations to thrive thanks to agriculture and livestock, and the millennial presence of man on the volcano has left a lasting footprint: terracing, millstones, wineries, vineyards, olive groves, pistachio, hazelnut and other fruit farms surround the foot of the “Mountain”, which is how the locals lovingly call the volcano, are all a testimony to how this territory is ideal for agriculture. The unique microclimate has allowed the spread of viticulture and wine production since ancient times, and today wine has reshaped the landscape. Many old abandoned millstones have been restored while respecting the biodiversity and environment, and once abandoned vineyards have regained their glory. The volcanic soil, the temperature excursions, the wind, the old vineyards surrounded by the dry-stone walls, produce elegant white wines, citrusy and mineral with a bold and essential character.

Etna is where Mandrarossa decided to start a new adventure and after twenty years it crossed its borders, the ones of Menfishire, to explore new Sicilian territories and discover new stories to tell. Mandrarossa’s journey restarts from the foot of the Etna volcano, specifically from Linguaglossa, where 4 hectares of Carricante and Nerello Mascalese were carefully selected in the Valle Galfina district, native varieties created from the black sands that produce unique wines of the territory. Today, a new page of our history begins, which will certainly bring unexpected surprises, such as longevity and great balance.



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