Rediscovered Stories


Rediscovered Stories

From the Menfishire districts, to the vineyards at the foot of Mons Gebel, to the uncontaminated lands of Cossyra, an island swept by the wind, the wines from the Storie Ritrovate (rediscovered stories) product line represent the true essence of Sicily, pure and innovative.

The project

The Storie ritrovate project started with the goal of producing wines from Sicilian native gapes, that represent the true essence of the territories they come from.

Progetto Storie Ritrovate

Authentic expression of the territory

Mandrarossa is a Brand that innovates without borders, for this reason it decided to pursue the project that started in its homeland in 2016, researching other territories to be explored and to represent their true essence through wine.
To promote the territories and their stories, we asked Nancy Rossit, Graphic designer and Illustrator with a unique and unmistakable style, to interpret the stories through her art. The labels of the Storie Ritrovate product line become pieces of art that can captivate and stimulate one’s imagination.