Unexpected Sicily

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An innovative

Mandrarossa was born in 1999, after over 20 years of intense study regarding terroirs. The Mandrarossa wines are the fruit of continuous research, experimentation and innovation. Consequently, they represent a different Sicily, light-years way from the usual stereo-typing.

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Research is part
of our DNA

From the south-eastern coast, where hills covered with vines fall away towards the sea, to the black sands on the northern slopes of Etna, all the grapes grown by Mandrarossa yield wines that allude to a different Sicily, one that innovates and experiments.


The luxury
of choice

The progress of other varieties was monitored in 5 experimental areas, subsequently followed by intense micro-vinification; over a period of time this resulted in the introduction of a range of new wines, some of which were unprecedented on the Sicilian scene.