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Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by websites that you visit. Websites use cookies to help users navigate efficiently and perform certain functions. Cookies that are required for the website to operate properly are allowed to be set without your permission. All other cookies need to be approved before they can be set in the browser.

  • Strictly necessary cookies. Strictly necessary cookies allow core website functionality such as user login and account management. The website cannot be used properly without strictly necessary cookies.
  • Performance cookies. Performance cookies are used to see how visitors use the website, eg. analytics cookies. Those cookies cannot be used to directly identify a certain visitor.
  • Targeting cookies. Targeting cookies are used to identify visitors between different websites, eg. content partners, banner networks. Those cookies may be used by companies to build a profile of visitor interests or show relevant ads on other websites.
  • Functionality cookies. Functionality cookies are used to remember visitor information on the website, eg. language, timezone, enhanced content.
  • Unclassified cookies. Unclassified cookies are cookies that do not belong to any other category or are in the process of categorization.

Cookie used by VINHOOD

Technical cookies

Technical cookies are those that Vinhood uses only for allowing you to visit the Platform and to use it. These may further break down into:

(i) Web cookies: these guarantee normal browsing and enjoyment of the Platform, allowing you, for example, to make a purchase or sign-in for accessing private areas. These are normally session cookies that are automatically deleted when you close the web browser.

(ii) Functionality cookies: allow you to browse, based on a series of selected features (for example, language or country of origin) for enhancing the service provided on the Platform. These are persistent cookies that are stored on the computer you use also after closing the web browser, until the expiry date set for each cookie (normally from two months to two years) is reached or until you decide to remove them.

Technical cookies are not used for purposes other than those described above.
The following technical cookies are currently used on the Platform:

You can disable proprietary and third-party technical cookies by changing your browser settings. However, you should be aware that by removing or blocking these cookies, several of the websites you visit (or the relevant features) may not work properly or efficiently.


  • Cookie Analytics

The cookie analytics on this Platform are directly installed by Us, but also by third parties and they are used on the Platform for collecting statistical information, in aggregate and non-aggregate form, on the number of users accessing the Platform and on how they visit the Platform.

The following third-party cookie analytics are installed on the Platform without your prior consent, because in they are less invasive, in that they and anonymized, preventing third parties from accessing unbundled analytics at IP address level (in other words, when using these cookies, third parties cannot cross-check data for tracing a user’s identity) and the third parties cannot cross-check data obtained using cookies with other data they already hold:

Third-party Cookie Analytics

Service name



Google Analytics

The service allows Us to understand how you interact with the Platform. This service, with no active advertising features and by hiding your IP address, uses a set of cookies for collecting information and generating statistics on Platform use.

14 months

You are free to block the installation of cookie analytics at any time, using the following link (; however, the option of visiting the Platform and enjoying its content will be compromised. For further details, carefully read third-party cookie policies, following the link shown in the above table.

  • Profiling cookies

Profiling cookies are used to create your profile based on your preferences and interests, as you reveal them during web browsing, so that we can display customized content to you. As provided under data protection legislation in force, your prior consent is required to install these cookies. For this reason, when you access the Platform, a banner will be displayed telling you that: (i) profiling cookies are used on the Platform and that (ii) you can consent to the installation of cookies by clicking on the relevant button inside the banner. Whenever you give your consent to installation of cookies using this method, we will track consent via a technical cookie for this purpose. In this way, the banner with the cookie notice will not appear again on your subsequent visits to the Platform.

You are free to block the installation of profiling at any time, however, the option of visiting the Platform and enjoying its content will be compromised; use the following link to block installation: ( However, if you choose to disable these cookies, this does not mean that you will see no more ads on the Platform, only that the banners you display may not match your interests or preferences.

All profiling cookies are installed by third parties, acting as independent controllers (third-party cookies). Here is a list of all third-party profiling cookies currently used on the Platform, showing the link to the information pages created by their developers:

Third-party profiling cookies

Service name



Google Ads

Use of cookies for making advertising campaigns more efficient and for displaying more relevant ads, based on their affinity with you, thanks to the record of Google partner websites that you have visited.

Though these data, it is possible to monitor the performance of advertising campaigns and calculate conversion rates.

540 days


Use of cookies to make you experience more engaging. A number of common cookie uses include content selection, based on what interests you, improving campaign performance reporting and the option of sending you customized content.

13 months


Use of cookies for showing ads to people that could be interested in the products and for measuring advertising campaign performance.

In addition, these data allow statistical data to be provided on people that use Facebook products, on people that interact with ads, advertiser websites and apps, and on companies that use Facebook products.

90 days

The Platform also features "social buttons", i.e. plugins for interacting with social networks and that allow you to share your information and content with social networks, to identify users and store information about the use of the Platform on their profiles. You can review the information regarding social media data management, using the social buttons which will take you to the following links: