Wanda Mann interviews Alberto Antonini about Mandrarossa and the Contrada Wines

Wanda Mann interviews Alberto Antonini about Mandrarossa and the Contrada Wines

The expert shares the story of the Contrada Wines

         On August 6th, Mandrarossa’s Instagram page (IGTV) featured a very interesting live stream, during which the American journalist and wine blogger Wanda Mann interviewed Alberto Antonini, Mandrarossa consultant, one of the most influential wine makers in the world, about the Brand and focusing on the Contrada Wines, Terre del Sommacco and Bertolino Soprano. Two wines that are part of Storie Ritrovate product line, which tell the story of Mandrarossa’s journey dedicated for over 20 years to studying the soils and their characteristics and researching the best variety/terroir combinations, which are the ideal habitats that ensure that each type of grape fully expresses its potential.

        In fact, the story by Alberto Antonini covers an important phase of Mandrarossa’s journey that led them to being one of the most innovative brand of the Italian and international panorama for their research, quality and attention to sustainability. Antonini, originally from Tuscany, perfected his knowledge in California and with significant collaborations in different continents, is recognized by the international press as one of the most influential people in the wine sector. He worked as an expert consultant with Mimmo De Gregorio and Filippo Buttafuoco, respectively oenologist and wine technician at Mandrarossa, along with Pedro Parra, microterroir specialist, and with geologists from the University of Palermo, on an in-depth project of Mandrarossa’s territory.

        The study resulted in finding a microterroir with a high qualitative potential in the hills of the territory of Menfi, where Mandrarossa was founded, in two selected districts where the best existing vineyards were chosen in two of their best vintages: one of the Grillo variety (in the Bertolino Soprano district) and two of the Nero d’Avola variety (in the Miccina district). The resulting wines produced are the white “Bertolino Soprano 2017” and the red “Terre del Sommacco 2016”, the two new Contrada Wines by Mandrarossa.

        The interview focused on this work and on the characteristics of the Contrada Wines, the first ones produced for the Storie Ritrovate product line, officially presented to the public at Vinitaly 2019, which fully reflect Mandrarossa’s mission. To view the full interview, click here.

       The interview was conducted and shared on her Instagram profile by Wanda Mann, journalist from New York, Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW), accredited by the Society of Wine Educators of America, Brand Ambassador for the prestigious Michelin Guides since 2013, and with a significant Instagram profile that reached 16.9K followers (Wine with Wanda on Instagram Live).