Vineyard tour

A weekend with Mandrarossa

The Mandrarossa Vineyard Tour is the best excuse to spend a weekend drinking good wine and tasting the local food, surrounded by vineyards and the sea.

The event

This year is the tenth edition of the event that has the goal of promoting our territory and its infinite treasures. Food & wine tastings, sports activities and guided excursions in the heart of Menfi’s uncontaminated nature, create the thrill of exploring a territory full of surprises, either horseback riding through the vineyards or cycling on the bike path that goes from the winery down to the beach. A unique weekend in the Sicilian wine panorama, starting from harvesting the grapes by hand, to which everyone can take part, continuing with technical tastings and the activities planned in the program, which is updated every year.

Many ways
to get excited

Food & wine tastings, guided excursions in the heart of Menfi’s uncontaminated nature, creating the excitement to explore a territory full of surprises.

The Locations

  • Mandrarossa Winery

    Mandrarossa Winery

    No place is like home. For the tenth edition of the Mandrarossa Vineyard Tour, from guided tours to wine tastings, the guests of the Vineyard tour can visit our winery where we produce and age the Mandrarossa wines.
    It’s possible to live the tasting experience guided by our staff of experts, experience the grape harvest and pressing. Taste the delights produced by the local shop owners, as well as the entire Mandrarossa wine selection at the serving tables.
    The captivating terrace at the Mandrarossa Winery, creates a breath-taking atmosphere in contact with the uncontaminated nature.

  • Vigneto Bertolino

    The Vineyard

    The harvest experience guided by our agronomists. 

    During the Vineyard Tour it’s possible to actively participate to the harvest in one of our vineyards by the sea.

    The tour begins with the story of the life cycle of the vine from our agronomists, who, row after row, guide the guests in the harvest process.
After the harvest, you can experience the pressing of the grapes.