For the cream: 
- 2 litres of must
- 90 gr of corn starch or cake flour for every litre of reduced must
- 100 gr of sugar for every litre of reduced must

To season: 
- 100 gr of toasted almonds and/or 100 gr of hazelnuts 
- 1 clove
- Grated mandarin peel and/or some dried and crumbled orange rind
- Cinnamon powder



Simmer the squeezed must until partially reduced through slow evaporation. Cool down (even for 12 hours). Mix 100 ml of must with 90 g of corn starch (or flour) and melt well with a whisk until smooth. Add some sugar according to taste. Pour the flour mixture in the remaining must, then carefully mix on the stove. Leave it to boil with a whole or crushed clove, constantly mixing until the mostarda (mustard) has the right consistency. At the end, turn off the flame and add the crushed almonds and hazelnuts. Add the grated mandarin peel and/or orange rind. Add the mostarda in specific tins or in damp bowls. Let the mostarda cool down and sprinkle it with cinnamon according to taste. Eat immediately or save it in the fridge for a few days.

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