Laguna Secca, Mediterranean soul with a captivating freshness

Laguna Secca, Mediterranean soul with a captivating freshness

A comparison between 3 Italian Chardonnays, Mandrarossa’s white is unique for its freshness and aromas.

        Luciano Fiordiponti, author of the popular blog “The Catcher in the wine”, had the idea of comparing three Italian Chardonnays, three wines produced at different latitudes that only had this grape variety in common.

       The suggestion is to highlight how a same variety, vinified in the same way, but produced in different parts of Italy, can reflect the difference in latitude while maintaining other characteristics that make it recognizable.

The experiment sparked our interest while rewarding us at the same time.

      Between the three wines chosen by Fiordiponti, who selected one from the north (Friuli), one from the centre (Lazio) and one from the south of Italy (Sicily), there is our Mandrarossa Sicilia Chardonnay DOC “Laguna Secca” 2019.

      The author’s analysis of the olfactive pattern fully captures the essence of the Chardonnay Laguna Secca and its unequivocable Mediterranean soul. “The aroma of the Sicilian Chardonnay – Fiordiponti writes – resembles its counterpart from Lazio even if younger, with warmer hints, from a fully ripe yellow peach, paired with apricot and pineapple. Intense salty minerality, hints of Mediterranean herbs, silver wattle, saffron and pink pepper, besides the inevitable buttery note, warmer in this case (…)”.

       However, the taste is where the blogger finds the difference. A difference that rewards “the identity”, one of the characteristics that Mandrarossa holds dearest, focusing its efforts in terms of innovation, research, quality and sustainability, for producing bold wines, which are immediately recognizable and distinguishable from others. “Even in this case, it is the freshness that dominates, while not overpowering – Fiordiponti writes – with a light softness and a dosed sapidity. A finish with a hint of ‘salty citrus’ (…)”.

       The Chardonnay Mandrarossa Laguna Secca is this: a timeless world renown white wine, unique for its Mediterranean freshness. A wine with a bold identity, as its name “Laguna Secca”, which is inspired by some of the soils of the territory, once covered by shallow lagoons, but today are fertile and productive.