Bonera: Mandrarossa’s red loved by the Irish

Bonera: Mandrarossa’s red loved by the Irish

The traditional red, a unique blend of Nero D’avola and Cabernet Franc, awarded at the Irish Wine Awards 2020 and listed in the NOffLA Award Winning Booklet, established in the Irish market.

      "Ruby red with deep purple shades, this top-quality Sicilian wine reveals a mixed berry, plum and almond aroma. To the palate it’s intense and full-bodied. It’s a true pleasure!". These are the tasting notes that accompany with pride the last awarded medal for Mandrarossa since Bonera 2018. The traditional family red, a unique blend of Nero D’avola and Cabernet Franc, was awarded with the Bronze medal at the 2020 edition of the Irish Wine Awards, the oenological award organized by the National Off Licence Association, which took place on the 5th of October 2020, in Dublin.

      There is great satisfaction. And in this case, maybe more than before, there is a tangible awareness that it’s not just an award but a growth path that sees Bonera, Mandrarossa’s red pioneer of the Innovativi line, established in a highly competitive market like the Irish one. This acknowledgement means that Bonera has been recognized as one of the Top Three Old World Red Wines under 20 pounds (GPB).

      Another flattering result is that the competition had more than 600 wines competing from all over the world with and award-winning ceremony that took place digitally this year.

      Conquering with the elegant smoked notes of Cabernet Franc that meet the bold character of Nero d’Avola, in a winning blend that makes an intense wine, with a good structure, with silky and sweet tannins. "A true pleasure!", as the same jury defined it in the tasting notes fully enjoying the pleasure that only Bonera conveys to the palate in such a remarkable way.

      But for Bonera it’s not quite over, it seems to continue to conquer an exclusive place in the Irish market among the red wines. In the NOffLA Award Winning Booklet a diverse selection of wines chosen purposely by expert wine tasters that use blind tasting techniques has been highlighted, gaining more visibility and renowned spotlights (pag. 13).

       Besides these acknowledgements, there will be a promotion in the next 12 months with different gadgets throughout Ireland, definitely establishing a mature and well-deserved success.