Mandrarossa Winery

We are pleased to welcome you to our winery to take you on a wine-sensory experience that starts from the knowledge of the territory, discovering the culinary specialties and culminating with a tasting of our wine. 


Story of a project integrated with the territory

The Mandrarossa winery rises on a hill at about 90m above sea level, in an area with a beautiful surrounding landscape in the Puccia district, south of Menfi. A modern building with multiple levels eased on the ground, allowing it to completely interact with the surrounding landscape: Menfi’s farmland, a sequence of vineyards and olive trees, with the splendid African sea as a backdrop.

The architectural project had the goal of connecting the landscape’s identity with the history of the territory, aiming at becoming a recognizable local landmark. The “hidden terrace” rises three stories high almost completely hidden by the natural slope and the “garden roof”, full of typical species of the Mediterranean scrub, making the winery naturally integrated with the hill it is built on.

Visit the Mandrarossa Winery

The winery tour begins from the terrace that overlooks the vineyards that reach the sea.

The first stop is the didactic vineyard, an impeccable model of foliate management, a scale reproduction of the traditional vineyard, which helps explain the varieties and the various phases of the vine development, the training and pruning techniques. Located next to the vineyard, it includes four varieties, two native, Grillo and Nero d’Avola and two innovative ones for the Sicilian panorama, Petit Verdot and Sauvignon Blanc. Each variety has a unique expression and character.

The tour continues with the visit of the production plant, which holds the cement tulips and the steel silos where the vinification of our wines occurs. During the harvest, it is possible to assist the arrival of the grapes to the winery and their unloading into the steel tanks for fermentation.

The next stop is the barrel depot seen from above, which allows to see 15 50Hl barrels and the 100 barriques in the cellar from an elevated walkway positioned at an intermediate height.

The walkway ends inside a tasting hall that has two great openings towards the breath-taking landscape. From here you can admire the vineyards while sipping a good glass of wine paired with typical local specialties.