Sentiero delle gerle

Sentiero delle gerle

The Etna wines of Mandrarossa are born

There are two Mandrarossa Etna DOC wines: Sentiero delle Gerle Etna Bianco DOC 2018 and Sentiero delle Gerle Etna Rosso DOC 2016. Two new labels, together with the Contrada Wines launched in 2019, which are part of the “Storie Ritrovate” product line: stories of the most authentic part of Sicily that capture the ancient knowledge, which Mandrarossa interprets through the native varieties, expressing the territories form which the wines originate. The Etna wines were exclusively presented on April 30th to 20 journalists from the sector and to the Mandrarossa Italia retailers, during an event lead by Roberta Urso, public relations manager, and live streamed on a YouTube private channel. Mandrarossa wanted to respect the scheduled event, given that the product launch was scheduled to happen in April at Vinitaly 2020 that was cancelled, regardless of the coronavirus emergency and required a further organization effort, fully satisfying the president Giuseppe Bursi.


A journey across the island, from Menfishire to Etna

The launch of the two Etna wines represents Mandrarossa’s desire to tell the story of Sicily’s best wine territory, through authentic wines and a suggestive packaging. A journey that started from the Menfishire districts reaching the foot of Etna, arriving at another beautiful Sicilian territory with a unique viticultural predisposition. With regards to Etna, Mandrarossa worked on a four-hectare lot in Linguaglossa, on the north-eastern slope of the volcano, adding to its product line a high-quality White and Red with unmistakable characteristics. The Etna DOC Sentiero delle Gerle wines by Mandrarossa are produced with single variety Carricante and Nerello Mascalese, respectively from the 2018 and 2016 vintages.

In this area, the vine and fruit developments are influenced by the elevation and exposure, environmental factors that determine lower average temperatures compared to the rest of the island and that contribute to the exclusivity of the production. The number of produced bottles is limited to a few thousand. The vinification process is managed by the brand’s leading oenologist Mimmo De Gregorio and his team, with the support of Alberto Antonini.


The “Storie Ritrovate” labels

The Etna wine labels are the result of the renewed partnership between Mandrarossa and the artist Nancy Rossit, who used her evocative and emotional style to illustrate on the labels two different scenes from the same plate, showing how traditionally women would take care of the vineyard at the foot of the volcano. After creating the labels for the Vini di Contrada, once again Nancy Rossit used her talent to create the images of the Etna DOC wines: a path among the vineyards on the volcano showing the women during the harvest, wearing blue handkerchiefs and red aprons, starting their work day interrupted by dances and traditional chants, ending in the cellar with their wicked baskets full of the grapes they had just picked.


Etna wines: technical notes

The Carricante, which we like to define as “a mineral white with a scent of orange blossom”, is aged in steel silos for 13/15 months at a temperature of about 14°C. Straw-yellow with golden reflections, Etna Bianco DOC by Mandrarossa has an aroma with hints of yellow fruit and notes of white flowers. To the palate it is dry, sapid and mineral, typical notes of this variety that vinified as a single variety fully expresses the typical features of the volcanic soils it comes from. It has a balanced acidity with a harmonious finish. A wine that should be served at 10-12°C, a perfect pairing with fish dishes and shellfish.

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The Nerello Mascalese vinified as a single variety results in an elegant  volcanic red. The wine ages for 10-12 months in 50 hl French oak barrels. It has intense and complex aromas, a red tending towards a grainy texture, that expresses hints of currant, blackberries, prunes, spices and coffee. To the palates it is full bodied and balanced, thanks to the elegant tannins and a modest freshness, which contribute to making it persistent. An excellent pairing for red meats, stewed and roasted, as well as cured meats.

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