Mandrarossa inaugurates its new Winery, the landmark of an unconventional Sicily

Mandrarossa inaugurates its new Winery, the landmark of an unconventional Sicily

In the heart of Menfishire, one of the most important winegrowing districts in Sicily, rises the new Mandrarossa Winery: 700 square meters constructed on several levels, almost entirely hidden beneath the natural slope, accommodating the new barrel cellar, two tasting rooms, a wine shop and a terrace overlooking the wild nature and the pristine sea of Menfi, awarded with a Blue Flag for 22 years.

A frontier that is perfectly integrated with the surrounding landscape, at about 90 m a.s.l., the new winery is found within an enchanting scenery, in absolute harmony with the land. Its architectural design combines the identity of its location and the history of a territory shaped by man, the Menfi countryside, covered with vineyards sloping towards the sea and stretches of olive groves. Mandrarossa winery thus becomes a landmark of an unexpected Sicily, an unconventional territory.

The structure was designed and built like a terrace that follows the curves of the land, a three-story building almost completely hidden underground but accentuated on the outside by a colored base facing southwest, upon which its rectangular body and sloping roof rests: this is the highest point of the entire structure, housing the reception area and the wine shop. Here begins a walkway suspended at an intermediate height, leading guests towards the rooms of the barrel cellar, containing 15 50-hl barrels and 100 barriques, and two areas dedicated for storing wines. The walk ends in the tasting room where two large windows open to a landscape set between the African Sea and the green hills caressed by the southern winds.

Materials and colors interact harmoniously with the surrounding natural landscape. Wood covers the tasting room, the natural shades recall the perfect shapes of the small, ocher plots of land that stretch as far as the eye can see. On top of the building sits a garden roof that carries the same hilly curves around it, planted with typical essences of the Mediterranean scrub and tall trees that rise from the ground, acting as a natural backdrop and an external shield.


Eco-sustainability: a project chosen from the beginning

The underground building was designed to integrate into the territory and this characteristic helps to maintain a stable humidity level inside the barrel room, naturally creating the best conditions for wine aging. The structure’s exposure has been planned in order to optimally use the available solar energy at any time of the year: the southern façades are protected by a wooden extension of the roof that favors the entry of sunlight during winter and prevents it in summer. The garden roof acts as a natural insulation of the horizontal surfaces thanks to the layer of earth where the vegetation is planted. The use of natural materials, such as wood, to entirely clad the reception area reduces CO2 emissions. The whole structure is powered with energy produced by a photovoltaic system.


Authentic flavors engraved in memory

Walking through the tasting room allows to savor the aromas of wines for meditation, the freshness of bubbles, the sensations given by outstanding reds and capture the elective affinities between food, wine and oil. An intersection of scents and flavors that lead to the discovery of an extraordinary microcosm where wine is always at the center.

Find various itineraries and tasting experiences, such as Classic Wine Tours, Food & Wine Itineraries and Wine Experience, including vertical tastings, limited editions and new vintages, which can be booked directly from the page dedicated to hospitality on the website, available starting from June 21.

Visiting Mandrarossa Winery means living the territory of Menfi through an immersive experience in a unique habitat that is fruit of a continuous interaction between Sicily and the African continent, a land endowed with enchanting natural sceneries.

An 11-km cycling path leads biking and running enthusiasts along a real greenway that was made after remodeling the old railway.

Living Mandrarossa also means sharing the pleasure of good food and traditional dishes, diligently prepared by the Mandrarossa Kitchen Brigade. They are the Women of Menfi, experts of traditional cuisine who have carefully studied historical recipes of local families. Every Saturday for lunch, all year round, they offer dishes that reflect the territory and its communities by revisiting and sharing their knowledge of the gastronomic tradition: a sustainable practice that aims to support the territory by using local ingredients and to keep the authentic and ancestral flavors of the land.