The jury of the 21st edition of the Interactive Key Award contest awarded the new website of the Sicilian wine brand Mandrarossa

The jury of the 21st edition of the Interactive Key Award contest awarded the new website of the Sicilian wine brand Mandrarossa, online since December 2019, received the best result in the category “Food and Beverage”


Mandrarossa, the Sicilian wine brand that has always made research and innovation its strengths, came in first place for its website at the Interactive Key Award 2020 in the category “Food and Beverage”.

The Interactive Key Award was founded in 1989 by the group Media Key, reference point for professionals working in communication, marketing and advertising, awards the best performance connected to communication, web and mobile on a yearly basis. For the category Food and Beverage, achieved this important result.

The website was created and developed by Immedia, web agency founded in 1995 with headquarters in Palermo, in collaboration with Tokay Creative Studios, another creative agency from Palermo that produced the visual, video and photo content, reflects the brand’s pay-off in a clear and effective way: “Unexpected Sicily”. The use of original images and not stereotypical, result of an accurate aesthetic and territorial research, generates a sense of something surprisingly new, same as the wine tasting experience: the consistency of the image on the website with the Mandrarossa wine tasting (innovative, never ordinary, result of knowledge and detailed mapping of the territory, soils and varieties) is perfect.

Technical details of the website

The main objectives that Immedia set to reach with the website are:

  • the need to organize the site’s IT layout, making a more effective presentation of the brand and products
  • the importance of promoting the dialogue with the main targets (enthusiasts, consumers, press from the wine sector) through relevant contents with a great impact
  • offer a good navigation experience

The creative direction of the photographic and video project played a key role: the main characteristic of the site is, in fact, promoting the visual content.

The pictures provide a new perspective of the traditional perception of the island: this is the reason nature is depicted using a minimal style.

Great attention was directed towards the wine technical sheets, which show the attention to detail for the aesthetic features but also a solid structure that allows mobile device optimization, as well as finding information and useful content for understanding each wine and its main and unique characteristics.

Pasquale Esposito Lavina, co-founder of Immedia, stated: “We wanted to represent the identity and specificity of the Mandrarossa brand starting from a ten year strategic concept: Mandrarossa is the Unexpected Sicily. The resulting storytelling is the natural take of a strong, original and daring placement with many different angles. The result is a rich and dense communication project in line with the communication trends, while maintaining a strong personal characteristic: communicating the uniqueness of the Sicilian territory with a new take. This allows us to show the beauties of a region that needs, now more than ever, to be promoted. As Mandrarossa, we also believe that Sicily and Sicilians, especially now, need to be the best testimonials of how many extraordinary things this land has to offer.”

Claudia Guarino, brand manager of the Mandrarossa brand, commented: “We are happy and proud of the result we reached and of the recognition given by Media Key. The new website was created thanks to the desire to show a different and innovative side of our land and our wines. Unexpected Sicily isn’t only Mandrarossa’s pay-off, but it is most importantly the soul of this brand that for over 20 years uses innovation and research to produce quality wines, some of which unique for the Sicilian wine panorama. For this reason, even the new website had to have an innovative soul and aspect. From the beginning, the goal was to communicate the identity and values of Mandrarossa though the original storytelling of our territory. If Mandrarossa is the Unexpected Sicily (of wine), we will show you the parts of our land that you wouldn’t expect to see. A metaphor that wants to reinforce the brand identity beyond clichés. The website opens with a video that is the key to enter this Sicilian world that is unlike stereotypes and authentic, a place made of breathtaking landscapes that are mostly unknown. Therefore, the strength of the new Mandrarossa website, which is also of the brand, is to tell the story of Sicilian wine with a new and fascinating visual language”.