Desire of summer, lightness, freedom and liveliness: all in one glass of Calamossa

Desire of summer, lightness, freedom and liveliness: all in one glass of Calamossa

One of our specialty, a fresh, lively, persistent and harmonic white

Summer 2020 will be unforgettable. A summer in which the keyword is “lightness” translated into a desire for a rediscovered freedom, conviviality, friendship and for authentic and simple things. The need to leave behind the difficult moments to begin smiling with friends, taste freedom and some well-deserved carelessness.

The general idea of a summer that will be able to interpret this need has a must: the scene of an aperitif with friends or lovers by the sea, sitting around a table, their feet in the cool sand, raised glasses and faces coloured by the warm tones of a summer sunset. A toast is required! And must be special.

At Mandrarossa we would like to make a toast with you to a renewed conviviality, and for this occasion we chose our specialty wine Calamossa, a fresh white, lively, persistent and with great harmony thanks to the right balance between sugar and acidity, making it perfect for special moments.

Produced from the selection of the best native white grapes, Calamossa is a wine that everyone can agree on, named after a beautiful inlet set between the vineyards and the sea of Menfishire. In this captivating part of Sicily, land, sand, sea and scented breezes constantly mix together, each giving something to the vines Calamossa comes from. Lively and vital, it’s a lovable wine for its simplicity, perfect for a fresh summer aperitif to be remembered from the experience and not only as a moment.

A suggestion? Offer it to your guests even for dinner. It pairs perfectly with an octopus salad or a vegetable omelette, as well as any summer menu, thanks to its pleasantness. With friendship and the joy of sharing time and values, Calamossa will be the special ingredient of a magical and unforgettable moment.