The Contrada Wines and the Etna Wines at “The Wine Hunter Tastings – Business Edition”

The Contrada Wines and the Etna Wines at “The Wine Hunter Tastings – Business Edition”

Mandrarossa participating with the Storie Ritrovate product line to the official award ceremony of the Merano Wine Festival


Another important online showcase for Mandrarossa and some of its most high-profile wines. “The Wine Hunter Tastings – Business Edition” aired on Monday July 20th, at 3PM, featuring a selection of Italian and international food & wine products of excellence selected by Helmut Köcher, The Wine Hunter of the Merano Wine Festival.

During the live stream, on the event’s Facebook page, Roberta Urso, PR and communication manager for Mandrarossa, presented the brand and the wine tasting of the Contrada Wines, Terre del Sommacco and Bertolino Soprano and the newest wines by Mandrarossa, the Etna Sentiero delle Gerle wines. The tasting was presented and moderated by Helmut Köcher, patron of Merano Wine Festival, to a panel of 9 sector experts who tasted the wines with Roberta Urso, who previously selected and shipped them to the organization. Along with Mandrarossa, an additional five Italian wineries featured their products with their own dedicated slot.

             During her presentation at the Business Tasting, Roberta Urso described the characteristics of Sicily, land where Mandrarossa produces its wine, and how the quality of the Mandrarossa Wines comes from the best pairing between varieties and soils. This is an aspect that the company has studied for years, having classified 5 different types of soil, which combined to the influx of the sea breezes of the Menfishire territory and the volcanic nature of Etna’s soils, produce wines with a bold identity, but at the same time that are able to show a new way to produce wines, as stated by Mandrarossa’s claim “Unexpected Sicily”, innovative and international, open to research, innovation and sustainability. During the wine tasting, the storytelling of the “Storie Ritrovate” was highly appreciated, fragments of tradition and life experiences in the identity of the Wines of this product line: the Contrada Wines, Terre del Sommacco (100% Nero d’Avola) and Bertolino Soprano (100% Grillo) and the Etna Wines, Sentiero delle Gerle Bianco (Carricante 100%) and Rosso (100% Nerello Mascalese).

             Another positive experience for Mandrarossa that could also be featured at the next edition of the Merano Wine Festival, scheduled from November 6th to the 10th, 2020.