2019 Harvest: An excellent production

2019 Harvest: An excellent production

2019 was a positive vintage with a harvest that yielded excellent results.

The slight drop in production, compared to the average in previous vintages had a positive effect on the quality of the wines, which were more highly concentrated. At the same time, the fertile soil in this south-western part of Sicily meant considerable freshness, vitality and balance, as well as elegance and complexity in the new wines.


Mandrarossa Costadune Grecanico DOC Sicilia 2019

The ripening of the Grecanico, native late variety, has benefited from the temperature excursions that occurred during the last phase of ripening. For this reason, the 2019 Costadune Grecanico wine is delicate, floral and harmonic, sapid and balanced with great elegance.


Mandrarossa Costadune Grillo DOC Sicilia 2019

The vineyards and chalky soils gave the 2019 Grillo a bold character, freshness, persistence and extraordinary minerality. The result is an energetic wine, with balanced aromas of citrus and aromatic herbs.


Mandrarossa Viognier Le Sénie DOC Sicilia 2019

Because the Viognier variety has a very thin peel, it doesn’t tolerate heat and warm winds. However, the mild climate from this year favored a harmonious growth of the grape, with a high concentration of aromas. The resulting wine is soft and full-bodied, with intriguing tropical notes of peach and apricot. 


Mandrarossa Fiano Ciaca Bianca DOC Sicilia 2019

This variety is known for its low yield per plant, and heat has a negative effect on its ripening. The cool summer temperatures in 2019 promoted the development of the grapes, giving the organoleptic properties of the Fiano floral notes, freshness, great acidity and a surprising aromatic profile.


Mandrarossa Chardonnay Laguna Secca DOC Sicilia 2019

Intense sunlight and the sea breezes promoted the development of this variety. The 2019 Chardonnay is energetic and full of life, with excellent minerality and bold tropical and Sicilian citrus aromas.


Mandrarossa Urra di Mare DOC Sicilia 2019

Our Sauvignon Blanc is cultivated close to the beach, and in 2019, thanks to the mild and fresh climate, it developed a more defined character compared to the previous harvests. Sapid and mineral, its flavor is memorable, with bold notes of elder flowers and Scotch broom.


Mandrarossa Costadune Nero D’Avola DOC Sicilia 2019

The 2019 Nero d’Avola is particularly juicy, soft and spicy. The mild and fresh climate yielded a surprising production with hints of dry figs and marasca cherries, drinkable and lively.


Mandrarossa Merlot Rupenera DOC Sicilia 2019

The Merlot variety grows best in fresh and humid climates. However, the slow ripening guaranteed a phenolic and sugar ripeness, making the wine persistent to the nose, soft and mineral, with great balance.


Mandrarossa Syrah Desertico DOC Sicilia 2019

This vintage has a great aging potential, intriguing for its hints of leather and tobacco mixed well with the ripe red fruit. It benefited from the mild climate, resulting in a versatile wine with good chalky tannins.


Mandrarossa Cabernet Sauvignon Serra Brada DOC Sicilia 2019

The significant spring precipitations improved the grapes’ ripening, making this Cabernet Sauvignon a variety that favors humid and rainy regions, a complex and balsamic wine, robust and concentrated, with bold notes of graphite.


Mandrarossa Timperosse DOC Sicilia 2019

Thanks to the hot Scirocco wind in winter and the cool summer breezes, which helped the grapes to ripen fully, the Petit Verdot has given us a wine of great elegance on the palate, soft and velvety.